Erin + Lex – The Oaks Lakeside

The day I married my best friend. My forever. My sun, my moon, and my stars. My wedding day, when I would marry this “The One” everyone is always talking about.

Our event started Thursday night at the WestField Inn, the hotel we blocked for the wedding at the Oaks Lakeside. The WestField is the most unique and beautiful Georginian style Inn, we felt it was the perfect place to get ready for our big day.

The morning started early, 6:30. I woke up to get some breakfast from the WestField Inn (I knew what kind of day I was instore for after I had the most delicious piece of bacon I had ever had!!) and round up my girls for hair and makeup. ESBI Int’l Salon out of Brunswick sent lead stylist Jamie and team to the Inn to meet up with us and do our makeup on site. I think everyone always has reservations about getting wedding make up done; we were no different. The stylist from ESBI had a confidence about them that put everyone at ease and my bridesmaids were able to not be so nervous and start enjoying some adult beverages while the stylist went around the room! They absolutely SLAYED our makeup!! Everyone walked out of that room as the best version of themselves, feeling flawless!! I was so nervous that whole morning!! Lex and I chose to stay together the night prior, but once we went our separate ways to get ready in the morning it hit me! This is happening!

While we were getting ready in the rooms, John Paul studio met us there to start capturing our big day. Adel, the girls photographer, was so wonderful and brought a calm/soothing and confident energy to the girls room. She helped me build my confidence all morning, made me feel like an absolute queen, and made our day that much more special. I know the guys had a fun time with Chris as well. Sam the videographer, did such a good job  dividing his time between the two groups while we stayed separate at the Westfield.

After finishing individual group photos at the WestField Inn, the groomsmen and bridesmaids took separate shuttle rides to the venue, The Oaks Lakeside; were we would do our first look prior to the ceremony. When the girls shuttle arrived at The Oaks, I had a chance to really take in the day. Everything was coming together perfectly. The weather was sunny and 65° with a slight breeze. The late October Fall trees looked stunning! Breathtaking views.

While I was getting off the shuttle, the guys and my maid of honor were inside getting Lex to the planned location, under a pergola facing the lake. The location we picked to do our first look. With explicit instructions not to turn around until she felt my had (Adel was also there with very clear instructions while her team captured this beautiful moment.) I remember seeing her standing there, and just thinking to myself that I was finally going to get to see the love of my life, and feel comfortable and confident so I could shake the remaining jitters I had. I will never forget Lex’s face and the way she looked at me when she turned around. I am sure she will never forget my nervous shaking! We hugged and had a good laugh. We were together. We were calm and we were prepared to spend the rest of the day together celebrating our relationship.

Our Ceremony was something right out of a movie with the beautiful scenery and countless loved ones that sprung out of work early to come share the moment with us. The music began, Lex and her bestman, our parents, our bridal party all made their way to the officiant. Time started to stand still as I watched everyone make the glamorous walk down to the lake, I was nervous again! The brides entrance song started to play, I was up. I thought I was going to faint, but my father reminded me to breath and enjoy the moment. I was there, Lex was shaking my dads hand and giving him a hug, we were now standing face to face infront of our Officiant, Tianna. Tianna Brunson was so wonderful to work with, she helped me iron out the perfect ceremony. It was filled with personality, sweet and memorable. It was time for me to read my Vows. I did. Lex read her vows to me, and then shocked everyone when she pulled Ryan, my 11 year old son (who was standing behind her as Jr Best Man) to stand next to me/in front of her and read him his own set of Vows. After that, no more dry eyes in the crowd for the rest of the time. We even have the most HILARIOUS photos of Ryan ugly crying after that and after we said I do. That was such a touching, and important moment to our ceremony. Tianna finished the ceremony, we kissed and then she sent us on our way as Mrs. and Mrs.

We had chosen to do a first look and photos prior to the ceremony so we would be able to greet everyone on the Terrace at the Oaks, and then have some time to enjoy appetizers with our guests. This worked out wonderfully and we are very happy with the decision.  The reception was to follow and was a memorable one for sure. The dance floor was full all night, John from John Paul Studio did a wonderful job as DJ, he really kept the energy levels up during every portion of the night. I swear he even pranked us! I had not planned to do any parent dances (as we have 3 sets of parents total) But John announced a father and bride dance and that the bride requested a Kelly Clarkson, this caught us off guard and was hilarious seeing Kelly Clarkson isn’t really our style…My dad and I laughed so hard and I am happy John did that so his team was able to get those photos of us.  We tried something new at our wedding that you don’t see everyday, It is called “AfterTheTone” and it is a small company that sends out an old school rotary phone with recording abilities. This allows your guests to pick up the phone and record you a message. I am so excited to hear our messages from the night, the anticipation is killing us.

We have had nothing but compliments on all of our vendors, and our Venues. The Oaks Lakeside did such a good Job with our food, three weeks later and I am still getting compliments on how delicious the food was. Everything was perfect!!

I am blessed that our day was so perfect, that I will spend the rest of my life with the love of my life and happy I was able to find and marry “The One” for me. Someone that I will laugh with, spill all the tea to and raise my son with. Lex, all I want to do is grow old with you. We thank all our vendors for doing such an awesome job for us, especially John Paul Studios. The day would not have been the same without our vendors, or our friends and family. I cant wait to get these photos so I can relive our day forever!!!

With tons of Love,

Erin Zeitler

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