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Weddings today are not like our parent’s or even our grandparent’s weddings were. No more stuffy, generic, cookie cutter events. Today’s bride and groom want things personal and unique.

That’s exactly what I wanted for our wedding. I say “I” because at the time, my husband to be was the typical “whatever you want babe, or that sounds good to me” guy. And honestly, I preferred it. I planned our day mostly solo, I did not want anyone to accuse me of being the dreaded “BRIDEZILLA”
After 9 years of dating, 2 kids, cars, a mortgage, and a well-established life together, it was time. Both in our mid 30’s, being married was the last big thing on our to-do list. But I didn’t want tradition, I didn’t want an everyday, run of the mill wedding. I wanted something people were going to talk about well after the night was over.

Makeup and hair was done by the lovely Lipstick Twins- Ericka and Dawn. They did an amazing job. They exceeded my expectations when I requested our hair be “Witchy meets boho meets Viking” Adel came to the hotel and she was a doll to work with. I requested mostly candid photos, so she let us do our thing and she got shots of us in our own element. The venue was beautiful, and she got all the poses I requested, then the rest was all free style like I had asked

It started with our colors. Typically weddings have 2, maybe 3 colors. I wanted it all. I went for a full color palate. Any why not? This is only going to happen once, so why not make this fun and unique? Bright summer colors for our bright summer day. A touch of the old with our guys in suspenders, caps, and boots, and our girls in long lace. I also told my guests about the theme and encouraged them to participate

Our wedding was at Westfall Event Center located in Valley View. 3 beautiful acres with multiple gazebos, each with its own function. One for the dance floor, one for the bar, one for dining and others that I had my choice to do what I pleased. Our bar tenders were included, and security was not required.

Catering was done by Maple Heights Catering. Barbecue style with a pig roast (because why not? You’re hungry!) and everything was delicious.

All of my decorations were rented. YES! RENTED! I did not have to recruit a team of girls to stay up late, making centerpieces and floral arrangements. It was all done through and it made everything that much easier (seeing a theme with me yet?)

The day could not have been better. Everything turned out just the way I wanted. A laid back, very chill wedding, for a laid back, very chill couple. Our nephew even spun fire later in the evening!

DJ John from John Paul Studios was so great, I got a lot of compliments afterwards that he was fun and had a great playlist. I would definitely recommend them both to anyone. Having them as a package deal made things SO much less complicated, just the way I like it.  

I think I succeeded in a super fun and unique wedding without breaking our bank account, while also making as little fuss as possible, but also look great while doing it. 10/10 stars. I wish that day went on forever.

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